I hope you hate my style
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when people casually mention something you’re completely obsessed with and it takes every fuckin ounce of your self control not to propel yourself into the stars and scream for the rest of eternity about how much you love the thing


dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son


They have the BEST pizza 🙌 and it’s big ashit


bruh … she is really her character from being mary jane in real life


“You will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever.

That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.”

How I Met Your Mother  (via saintofsass)

“You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.”

Unknown (via ciggars)


Fashion financially destroys me but makes me emotionally happy

“I want to thank my husband for making me feel like the Woman of the Year every single day.”

Kim Kardashian West, GQ Awards (via kimkanyekimye)